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Search mandate

Active search mandate:
We search for the optimal property in accordance with your instructions and criteria, whether for purchase or rent.

We search not only through our own portfolio; but also the entire real estate market. We have a thorough knowledge of the local property market, and also work with other brokers, real estate specialists and private parties.

Our professional property search strategy is based on four principles:
  • We thoroughly search the entire real estate market until we find your optimal property.
  • Sustainable customer satisfaction is our goal at all times.
  • We guide and advise you in all phases
    Purchase: negotiations, financing, contract preparation, notarization, etc.
    Rental: negotiations, contract preparation, apartment takeover/handover if desired.
  • We aim to save you as much time outlay as possible.

Passive search mandate:
For this free-of-charge service, you first you tell us exactly what you need by filling out our questionnaire. Then we get in touch with you when we have a property in our portfolio that meets your criteria.