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We have the expertise and take the time to carry out your assignment optimally.

HOME HUNTERS provides services in the following fields.

Area orientation:
Familiarising with the (prospective) environment, is often the first step when a transfer is being considered. We know the region, the people, the local habits and where to go. We will take you around, show you points of special interest to you, and inform you on all aspects of living and working here.

Property search:
We are familiar with the housing market. According to your briefing, we will find you the  appropriate house or apartment and guide you through all the dealings and negotiations involved.

We know how to handle all aspects of a new home and surroundings. We offer a   comprehensive range of services to make your arrival and settling into your new home and surroundings as smooth as can be.

Leaving the country
Similar to the comprehensive range of services we provide for people arriving, we do the same for you when the time to leave suddenly comes.