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Property sales

We have the know-how and take the necessary time to evaluate the best manner of selling your property for you, in a way which leaves no wishes open.

Our professional sales strategy is based on eight principles
  • Establish the best obtainable sales price.
  • Prepare your property for sale.
  • Identify the optimal customers for your property.
  • Establish a target-oriented marketing strategy. 
  • Prepare professional and high-grade documentation material about your property.
  • Establish a meaningful presentation tour of your property and carry out these tours for carefully preselected customers.
  • Our experience is that profound advice is always better than sales talk. Such advice must be based on a thorough understanding of the needs and wishes of potential buyers and zooming in on those criteria.
  • We guide and assist you through all phases of your property sale: negotiations, finance issues, securing payment, contracts, notarization, handover, etc.